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Rutik Wankhade

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi! I am Rutik. I am a final year student of CS Engineering. I love building side projects and writing about it. Mostly I write about Js, React, side projects, productivity and the stuff that I learn.

A little bit about myself

In the first two years of college I didn't know anything about development. In third year I started learning HTML ,CSS and got hooked to it. It was fun. I used to build stuff and do #100daysofcode challenges. And because of that, I got to know about different developer communities on the internet.

So I started learning more and built few cool projects with javascript and react. Also, I started documenting the process by writing blogs and that has helped me grow a lot. I believe in learning by building. When I'm not writing code, I am probably reading, watching movies/animes, exploring new stuff or thinking about my next side project.

Why sponsor me ?

Well, If you love reading my blogs or you feel whatever I create is helping you in some way to learn and grow, then I would really appreciate you sponsoring me. It will help me do more cool stuff.

Things I want to do

  • Write consistently on my blog
  • Start a youtube channel and create quality content where I make videos for fun and share my knowledge with everyone.
  • Build more side projects

๐Ÿš€ Sponsoring me will help me do this stuff better and better.

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